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Women's Stories - Unlocked

The Daredevil Divas of Flight & Emma Cons, Pioneering Social Reformer

Naomi Clifford talks to Sharon Wright about Letitia Sage, one of the women in her book Balloonomania Belles; and at Morley College, she and librarian Elaine Andrews discuss the impact of the pioneering social reformer and champion of adult education Emma Cons.

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The Businesswomen of 18th-Century London

Naomi Clifford and London guide Jonnie Fielding visit an outdoor exhibition on the 18th-century women freemen of the City of London.

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Maria Branwell, Mother of the Brontës & A Poem by Sarah Fyge Egerton, 17th-Century Feminist

A conversation with Sharon Wright, author of a new biography of Maria Branwell Brontë, plus The Emulation, a poem by 17th-century feminist Sarah Fyge Egerton.

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